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For your health

for adults working with exposure to pollution and healthcare professionals

Products description

Contains mild cleansing agents, nanosilver, NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor – a natural moisturizing factor that is a component of the stratum corneum and ensures its proper hydration) and panthenol

  • Effectively cleanses, keeping the skin healthy
  • Removes dirt and bacteria, preventing their spread
  • Supports the regeneration of epidermal cells, maintaining the water-lipid balance, making the skin firm, smooth, elastic and healthy looking.
  • Refreshes the skin of the hands
  • Allows restoring the proper functioning of the epidermal barrier Intended for everyday use

Recommended for adults working with exposure to pollution and healthcare professionals.

Instructions for use: wet your hands with warm water and apply a small amount of soap.Thoroughly distribute and wash for about 30 seconds – in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization, then rinse your hands with running water.

Available packaging: 400 ml

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