Ems Throat Pastilles – lemon flavour

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lozenges with ems salt and lemon flavour

Products description

EMS THROAT PASTILLES®, lozenges with ems salt contain a substitute of Ems salt with a comparable content of major cations and anions in a form of inorganic salts mixture. The lozenges ensure local, extended contact of slightly alkaline salts with the oral mucosa thereby alkalizing the secretions. By locally elevating cation and anion levels, the product causes mechanical irritation of glandular epithelium, triggering the mechanism of water transport from mucosal cells by way of osmosis. This mechanism increases the secretory functions of the glands in the respiratory mucosa which stimulates the secretion of mucus and facilitates the expectoration, thereby relieving cough and hoarseness.

Indications for use:
– relieves symptoms associated with dry mouth and – throat accompanied by pain
– helps to cough up
– stimulates muscus secretion
– soothes hoarseness&cough
– restores pH balance in the mouth

The product can be used by professional voice users, smokers and persons exposed to the effects of central heating and smoke-laden air
How to use

Doesn’t contain sugar – may be used by individuals suffering from diabetes.

Available packaging: 30 pastilles

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