LINODERM® Hair Anti-Hair loss shampoo

For dermatological problems

improves blood supply to the scalp inhibits hair loss

Products description

Hair strenghtenning shampoo LINODERM® Hair helps to inhibit hair loss. Shampoo uses beneficial effect of rooths of black raddish, rhizome of calamus, leaf of rosemary and root of soapwort extracts. Parfume composition consists of lemon and rosemary oils, which strenghten the effect of rosemary and calamus extracts. Regularly used, LINODERM® Hair shampoo makes hair stronger and healthier and the blood supply to the scalp, which is a key factor in preventing hair loss, improves.

– Rooths of black raddish are rich in natural sulfur compounds which stimulate and strenghten folicles. Vitamin C, which is also present in the herbal ingredient, softens hair and makes them look shiny.

– Rhizome of calamus contains essential oil and tannins. Compounds of essential oil prevent hair loss by strenghtenning hair roots.

– Leaf of rosemary stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, refreshes and disinfects. Rosemary leaf extract promotes hair growth and prevents dandruff.

– Root of soapwort contains mainly saponosides. They are natural foaming compounds with softenning and cleansing effect.  Saponosides also prevent dandruff and strenghten hair.

– Panthenol – provitamin B5 – has moisturizing properties and inhibits hair graying.

Does not contain colourants. Does not contain SLS/SLES or PEG.

Directions for use: apply shampoo to wet hair and massage gently until foam is created, then rinse your hair thoroughly.

Contraindications for use: sever scalp skin inflammation or allergy to any of ingredients.

Dermatologically tested.

Available packaging: 250 ml

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