LINODERM® Mama Nipple Cream

For mom & baby

soothes sore nipples

Products description

Linoderm® Mama Nipple Cream soothes sore nipples, restores their softness and smoothness offering the feeling of comfort. This lanolin-based blend of Shea butter and beeswax creates a protective film on the skin surface. Coconut and evening primrose oils support skin’s natural balance and cell reneval processes while panthenol and chamomile extract soothe and regenerate cracked nipples.


– nursing mothers;

– pregnant women (preparing for lactation and breastfeeding);

– women with higly sensitive and irritation-prone nipples;

Directions for use: put a small amount of cream on your nipples and the skin around them,  massage gently. When applying the cream do not press or squeeze your nipples. Before every breastfeeding wash your nipples gently with lukewarm water (for hygenic reasons).

Contra-indications: severe inflammation of nipples epiderma and the skin around them, which needs pharmacological treatment or high sensitivity to any of the cream ingredients.

Colourant, fragrance and paraben-free.

Dermatologically tested.

Available packaging: 15 ml

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