LINODERM® Mama Intimate Wash

For mom & baby

care&protection of intimate area

Products description

LINODERM® Mama Intimate Wash is dedicated for day-to-day care and protection of intimate area. It was especially formulated for extraordinary needs of women during pregnancy, after childbirth and during breast-feeding. Appropriately acidic pH of 3,5 as well  as active ingredients of natural origin, prevent development of bacteria and fungi, protect natural bacterial flora (necessary for correct physiological processes) at the same time and provide a feeling of comfort and lasting freshness of intimate area. Intimate Wash helps prevent excessive sweating, chafes and irritations of intimate area, provides the feeling of freshness and hydration.


– lactic acid helps restoring natural bacterial flora of intimate area. Regulates cells renewall, helps maintaining physiological pH of vaginal area. It is especially important when the acidic balance of the vagina is disrupted for example during pregnancy, menstruation or antibiotic treatment;

– oak bark extract – offers emolliating and hydrating features as well as anti-inflammatory and astringent effect, effectively soothes inflammations, eliminates minor redness and abrasions, helps avoiding infections and restoring protective bacterial flora;

Dermatologically tested.

Available packaging: 250 ml


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