LINODERM® Mama Stretch Mark Body Balm

For mom & baby

provides deep moisture

recommended for pregnant women

Products description

Stretch Mark Body Balm is recommended for day-to-day skin care, especially when it is most at risk of stretching, for example during pregnancy. Due to it’s active formula, the balm improves skin’s elasticity providing deep concentrated moisture, leaves the skin feeling firm and supple. Prevents appearance of new stretch marks on the belly, breasts, buttocks and tights and makes the existing ones less visible.

Safe and recommended for use from the beginning of pregnancy.


– shea butter – hydrates, emolliates, softens and protects skin against UVB radiation, it is recommended for dry, damaged and ageing skin as well as natural adjunct in soothing sunburns, skin irritations and dermatosis;
– makadamia nuts oil – regenerates, nurishes and smoothes skin, it is recommended for dry, scally and sensitive skin;
– gotu kola – stimulates cell renewal and improves skin blood flow, it is also used as anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory agent, stimulates the metabolism of fibroblasts and colagen fibres and elastin synthesis, stimulates scarring, changes the scars and stretch marks structure, softens them and reduces discolorations, positively influences skin hydration by stimulating hialuronic acid synthesis;
– collagen – makes the skin more soft and supple;
– panthenol – provitamin B5 – stimulates cell renewal, hastens wound healing and soothes irritations;

Safe both for mother and child.

Available packaging: 200ml



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