Salorhin nose

For your health

Unique solution of inorganic salts and glycerin for moisturising and cleansing nasal muscous membranes.

Products description

Salorhin contains the unique isotonic solution of inorganic salts, which resembles the composition of natural water of Ems Bad resort. It is additionally enriched with glycerin. These ingredients contain macroelements which help maintaining the proper condition of nasal passages.

Salorhin is recommended for maintaining the proper hygiene and condition of nasal muscous membrane. It facilitates breathing and soothes the dry feeling of nasal muscous membranes, which can be caused by: air-conditioning, central heating or cigarette smoke. Salorhin effectively soothes symptoms caused by colds and allergies.

Suitable for children above 4 years of age and adults.

Indications for use:
• to relieve blocked nose in colds and allergies;
• to moisturise nasal muscoa and support daily hygiene;
• to cleanse allergens, dust and other contaminants from nasal passages;
• to moisturise the nasal muscoa when dry or irritated because of central heating, air-conditioning or cigarette smoke.

Directions for use:
• in children use 1 dose 2-6 times a day in every nostril
• in adults use 1-2 doses 2-6 times a day in every nostril

Available packaging, dosage form: spray 30 ml (around 300 dozes)

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