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“Ziołolek” is a pharmaceutical company, standing for 70 years of the tradition of the Polish pharmaceutical industry, original Polish technology as well as enthusiasm and confidence in our capabilities. Established in 1945, we are a dynamic pharmaceutical company, winner of the prestigious title of Business Gazelle(Gazela Biznesu), an award that has been granted us twice. We are GMP certified for the entire range of pharmaceutical forms we make, and hold a Quality Management System Certificate according to ISO 9001:2008.

„Ziołolek” manufactures medicinal products based on original formulations which, when combined with advanced manufacturing methods, provide efficacious solutions for use in treatment and prevention. We specialize in dermatological preparations and effervescent salts. Most of our portfolio is occupied by the LINOMAG® range of cosmetics for children. We are proud to be the sole manufacturer of LINOMAG® preparations that have been used by generations of mothers to care for child’s skin. We also offer cdermocosmetics, dietary supplements and insect repellents.

About us
Our mission is to provide quality products. We operate basing on advanced technology and highest management standards. Therefore, our products comply with the requirements of the medicine, pharmacy, and cosmetology of today.

The top quality of our products is confirmed by a number of awards and commendations, as well as confidence of patients. “Ziołolek” was granted, among other things, 1st Commendation “The quality prize of Great Poland” (Wielkopolska Nagroda Jakości), the “Best in Poland ” Quality Certificate for the exceptionally high quality of the LINOMAG® cosmetics range for children, and the Golden Otis (Złoty Otis) prize as a manifestation of customer trust in the LINOMAG® ointment. Furthermore, we are a winner of the consumer-granted Eko-Laur Konsumenta 2008 for LINOcomplex A+E+F pills and Eko-Laur Konsumenta 2009 for the LINOMAG® cosmetics range for children.

Nasza historia


Przedsiębiorstwo Farmaceutyczne „Ziołolek” Sp. z o.o. is established.

The limited liability company, named Przedsiębiorstwo Farmaceutyczne ZIOŁOLEK Sp. z o. o., is established based on the property and resolve of the members of Spółdzielnia Pracy ZIOŁOLEK. Its mission is to continue the traditions of the local pharmaceutical industry in the demanding European Union market conditions.


ZIOŁOLEK is licensed by the Minister of Health and Welfare.

After a few years of investment efforts, required to adapt itself to new regulations concerning conditions for the manufacture of medicinal products, ZIOŁOLEK is licensed by the Minister of Health and Welfare to manufacture pharmaceutical or medicinal materials, required for the non-sterile production of solid, fluid and semi-fluid forms.


ZIOŁOLEK is expanded by incorporating “Spółdzielnia im. 22 Lipca” in Poznań

along with its production facilities in Fabryczna 31.


ZIOŁOLEK is further expanded by incorporating Dr Willmar Schwabe Homeopathic-and-Biochemical Laboratory

pursuant to a decision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Processing Industry. Established in 1936, Dr Schwabe Laboratory (Laboratorium Homeopatyczno-Biochemicznego dr.Willmara Schwabe) had its seat in Al. Marcinkowskiego 26, Poznań.


ZIOŁOLEK is expanded by incorporating ALMARIA.

Established in 1945 by Henryk Młodecki (M. Pharm., Assistant in the Department of Pharmacognosy of the Poznań University) and Franciszek Lewicki, ALMARIA had its seat in Garbary 78, Poznań.


HERBARIA overtakes the local herbal cooperative (“Samopomoc Chłopska”) in Poznań.

State Agricultural Farms (PGR’s) are established due to the restructuring of Polish agriculture, leading to the aggregation of all arable land in Poland. Consequently, HERBARIA looses the plantation in Jeziory Wielkie and modifies its production profile, creating the Galenic, Syrrups, and Extracts Department. Later the same year, HERBARIA is transformed into Farmaceutyczno-Chemiczna Spółdzielnia Pracy ZIOŁOLEK, a pharmaceutical-and-chemical cooperative.


HERBARIA cooperative is established

to grow and buy herbs and to make herbal medicine products. HERBARIA operates a dedicated herbal plantation in Jeziory Wielkie.

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