Antiperspirant Powder

For 4 seasons, For your health

For skin care of areas with excessive perspiration.

Products description

Antiperspirant powder lowers perspiration, eliminates the feeling of dumpness and unpleasant odour, slows down the bacteria growth, protects from chafes and abrasions, soothes irritations and accelerates epidermal renewal, eliminates excessive foot perspiration.

Use of Antiperspirant Powder is recommended for people with excessive perspiration, overweight, suffering from skin chafes as well as sportmens.

Antiperspirant powder may be used:
– after depilation
– on slightly inflammated skin (which doesn’t need pharmacological treatment) as allantoin soothes irritations and accelerates regeneration of skin.

It may also be used for foot care. By putting some amount of the powder in your socks or shoes you lower the feet perspiration which means slowing down the growth of bacteria responsible for unpleasant odour.

 Antiperspirant Powder reduces bad odour, absorbs sweat and leaves skin dry, with a feeling of comfort and freshness.
Available packaging: 100 g
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