For dermatological problems

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topical spot cream

for skin with acne problems, prone to reddening or seborrhoea

Products description

LINODERM® Acne helps healing of acne lesions, reduces reddening of the skin, regulates sebaceous glands functioning, prevents formation of new acne breakouts. As it contains provitamin Band allantoin, it relieves irritation and sufficiently moisturizes the skin. Perfect as a foundation cream, it masks acne changes. Regular application of LINODERM® Acne cream can contribute to prolongation of improvement periods and as a result to complete resolution of acne problems.

LINODERM® Acne is recommended for:

  • acne and prone to reddening or seborrhoea skin care
  • regulation of sebum secretion and prevention of new acne changes
  • restoring water-lipid balance in the skin

LINODERM® Acne properties: antiseborrhoeic, corrective (masking changes), rendering the skin in mat complexion, prevents skin irritation, strengthening the skin barrier by influence on lipid balance, protecting and regulating proper skin cornification processes and epidermal desquamation.

Dermatologically tested. 

Available packaging: 15 ml

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