LINOMAG® ointment


Lini oleum virginale, 200 mg/g

Products description

LINOMAG® ointment is recommended for skin care from first days of life. The ointment lubricates and moisturizes the skin diminishing its dryness and desquamation, reducing influence of adverse external factors. The preparation contains exogenous polyunsaturated fatty acids which normalize skin functions and accelerate its regeneration.

The ointment can be applied in skin diseases such as:
– eczema
– intertrigo
– skin chafes
– excessively dry skin condition (xerodermia)
– relieving symptoms of psoriasis

Available packaging: Tubes of 30g
Available in pharmacies only.

Before use, read the leaflet attached to package or consult your doctor or pharmacist, because every medicine inappropriately used is hazardous to your life or health.

Contraindications: Seborrhoeic dermatitis, allergy to lanolin or other ingredients of the preparation

Dosage form: ointment
For external use only.

Use 1-3 times a day depending on the particular disease.
Apply a thin layer of cream on the affected area of skin.
For children suffering from eczema or psoriasis, use as directed by a doctor.

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