Soy cream

For your beauty

For dry and sensitive skin.

Products description

• deeply hydrates and makes the skin more flexible
• protects the skin from premature ageing
• soothes inflammations
Unique properties of soy oil, which is rich in polyunsatturated fatty acids, make it one of the most precious natural ingredients for cosmetics. Soy oil restores the skin natural barrier and proper hydration level.
Apart from soy oil it contains also castor oil, which prootects against water loss and external factors as well as natural vitamin F in form of linseed oil. It was additionally enriched with vitamins E and C.
Carefully created texture of soy cream offers the feeling of constant and deep hydration.
Regularly used, the cream supplements both water and lipids protecting the skin from premature ageing. It is easily absorbed by the skin giving it smooth and healthy appearance.

Available packaging: 50 ml.

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