Quality Policy

Quality Policy of Pharmaceutical Company „ZIOŁOLEK” is the most important element influencing on implementation of medicinal products, cosmetic preparations and dietary supplements’ manufacturing process. It is essential component of Company’s strategy which provides good quality of products, effectiveness and safety of preparations, and thereby satisfies our Clients’ expectations.

Manufacturing process is based on all employees’ common belief about necessity of constant satisfying assumed and observed expectations and needs of our Clients, in relation to the preparation offered to them. Purpose of the Company is to supply the market with medicinal products which help in treatment of many diseases, cosmetics and dietary supplements available for every Client.

All employees are aware of high demands of our Customers.

Realization of Quality Policy takes also place according to following principles:

    • implementation of Company’s development occurs only through ethical satisfying of society’s needs
    • every employee is responsible for the quality of production to the extend specified by his official duties
    • providing quality is a task important both for management and for other employees
    • all actions are oriented to avoid defects, not to eliminate the defects’ consequences
    • activities are aimed at modernization of production by using new technical and technological innovations
    • production managing in accordance with conditions specified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, which are guarantee of stable quality, reliability and effectiveness of preparations
    • providing qualified personnel by systematic training for employees
    • Management of the Company is obligated to provide constant improvement of management system quality, thereby increasing its effectiveness.
    • Management of the Company is obligated to meet legal and other requirements concerning the production of medicinal products, cosmetics and dietary supplements.
  • Management of Company is obligated to provide infrastructure resources necessary for the production.