For dermatological problems

for dry and atopic skin care at all ages

Products description

Body Balm LINODERM® OMEGA is a dermocosemetic for specialist care, suitable for dry, sensitive and atopy-prone skin. It is recommended for everyday care and protection of skin. Due to it’s rich formula, body balm gently emolliates, hydrates and prevents excessive water loss. Stimulates epidermis renewal, elasticizes and smoothes the skin. It eliminates the feeling of roughness and has protective effect on epidermis. Effectively soothes irritations and reduces tendency for their appearance.


– Essential fatty acids (omega) from cottonseed and evening primrose oils, which strenghten skin structure, rebuild skin natural barrier and promote it’s better hydration;

– Shea butter, obtained from the african shea tree, hydrates and emolliates the skin prone to drying and protects the skin from external factors;

– Allantoin – hydrates and soothes skin irritations;

– Vitamin E – removes free radicals, promotes skin softnes and suppleness.

How to use: apply a small amount of the balm on the skin and massage gently.

Dermatologically tested.

Available packaging: 250 ml

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